Winter Holiday: Rental house or hotel?

Novembre 25, 2020

Winter Holiday: Rental house or hotel?

The nights has started to drawing in, your tan has faded, and your summer getaway feels like a distant memory… this is the perfect moment to think about your next great JOY: WINTER BREAK!!…

The nights has started to drawing in, your tan has faded, and your summer getaway feels like a distant memory… this is the perfect moment to think about your next great JOY: WINTER BREAK!!…

Do you prefer the poetry of falling snow, the warmth of a fireplace, or even a private sauna, the silence of winter, a covered wooden house in white and surrounded by pristine nature? Or do you think that there is no bad time to go to the Canarian Islands or Maldives with their tiny castaway-fantasy sandy islets, mostly with one immaculate resort, with various levels of splendidness? Regardless there is nothing bad about going on holiday at any time ever, winter 2020/2021 will be probably a little bit different regarding vacation. So this is year the most careful among us will choose close destination, less crowed and a rental home holiday instead of the hotel accommodation.

We can say that in regular condition when we decide to book a private and independent house we will have some great values added. We opted to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t expecting great service. We aren’t just looking for free toiletries, nice sofa and clean paces! We’re looking for a memorable experience!

Here’s you can find a first list with some of the amenities that will wow you and make your vacation unforgettable during winter! Ensure that your vacation rental supplies all these essentials which will make it stand out!

1. 24-Hour Check-in

We love being able to check-in whenever we please. Especially if something doesn’t go to plan with our journey. Of course it is always appropriate to check with the owner/property manager and advise about your arrival time.

2. Fast and convenient WiFi

WiFi is probably the biggest necessity in any modern vacation rental. Check always if there is, if it is free and if it works: in Italy this condition is not so easy to grant to guests.

3.  Surround sound system 

Finding a whole surround sound system or some high-quality speakers in the property’s living room so can be enjoyable!

4. Local maps, guidebooks, and recommendations

Be sure to find a good selection of local information in the house. Have some handy information for the most recommended neighborhood restaurants and cafés is a basic value in a vacation home! Pamphlets on prominent local features like theaters, national parks or historical sights are useful too!

5. Electrical adapters and chargers

Sometime even the most seasoned travellers among us may forget, lose or break them. Having a stockpile of universal adapters and chargers will make you happy as the property manager is a lifesaver!

6. A complimentary welcome basket

For extra flair, find a welcome basket when we arrive at the rental property is like receiving a warm hug! Candies, coffee, wine, postcards! Something of useful and simple!

7. Transfers and tours

Instead of booking these services elsewhere by ourselves, look for a property manager who is partner with local businesses and include them as add-ons (for ex. Airport pick up/drop off; city transfers; chauffeur service; sightseeing tours).

I will introduce you some more suggestions about what you should look for when you book a holiday house/apartment next week! Follow me and enjoy a great winter break wherever in the world but you will find for sure these mentioned amenities in my own managed properties: Villa La Romantica, Grognardo – Villa Marisa, Varazze and Casa il Giardino in Nizza Monferrato!



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